9 Best Channels to Learn English on YouTube - Justlearn (2023)

Learning English on YouTube is the benefit of the postmodern era we live in.

Today, this online video-sharing platform is much more than watching cute and silly videos with babies and animals, like it was at the beginning.

You can easily find everything you need to learn English online.

But, among so many channels that teach you English, which is the right one?

And is it possible to learn English on YouTube and how?

Let’s find out.

Is It Possible to Learn English on YouTube?

The best way you can learn English is with native speakers on Justlearn.

YouTube, however, can be a great resource as well.

Let’s see why:

  • A variety of materials available. You can find whatever you want on YouTube. That includes English lessons as well. You can find resources that fit you in every aspect from the level of proficiency to the way of teaching.

  • Short, precise, and understandable lessons. This way, you are always concentrating on what you are watching and listening, so there is no chance that you may lose your focus.

  • Free access is one more reason why you should learn English on YouTube. The majority of channels are public, therefore, available for anyone willing to learn.

  • Besides they are short to keep your attention, many channels that teach English are fun and entertaining. You won’t be bored, quite the opposite.

  • The possibility of watching lessons as many times as you want to. The access is not limited.

  • Learning with YouTube is possible anywhere and anytime. Internet connection is required, and perhaps earphones so that you can be concentrated on what you are listening to.

How to Learn English With YouTube?

Take Notes.

This way of learning isn’t suitable for everyone. However, if you are a person who prefers writing down, then you should do this even if you are watching a video on YouTube. Write down unfamiliar words, interesting phrases, or expressions you find useful to use in different situations.

Watch Videos With Subtitles.

This is particularly important for beginners since their vocabulary is still poor and they need ‘additional help,’ so that they can learn how the word is pronounced as well as how it is written.

Watch Videos Without Subtitles.

This way of learning is suitable for everyone, no matter their level of proficiency. You can write down words and phrases you aren’t familiar with. Then, you can guess their meanings from the context.

Learn With The Help of a Dictionary.

If you can’t understand a word, and you surely can’t understand its meaning from the context, then you can always search for that word in the dictionary.

Play a Game

Flashcards are a great and fun way to memorize new words and phrases, especially the ones you somehow find quite difficult to remember.

Write down words that are hard for you, and start guessing. Pause the video to guess the word or replay if you answer wrong.

It can be teamwork, too. Invite your friends over for a flashcard-game or two. With snacks and drinks, the learning process will be fun.

9 Great YouTube Channels For Learning English

British Council: Learn English Kids

Let’s start with something cute and fun.

Do you know how children learn languages? The British Council channel is one of the ways children can learn English. It gives them the opportunity to learn English with music.

Learning a language with songs is one of the most efficient ways to learn a foreign language.

So, no matter if you are an adult learning English as a second language, or you want your kid to learn the entertaining way, animated videos and nursery rhymes are always a good choice.

But that is not all. There are plenty of stories and fairytales to listen to, as well as your child’s favorite cartoons. And all of them are followed by subtitles.

BBC Learn English

The British Broadcasting Corporation, or worldwide known BBC, gives you many helpful English lessons. With BBC learning English, if you want to improve your pronunciation, this is the right channel for you.

Whether you choose to watch and listen to some real-life situations, cartoons, orTim's Pronunciation Workshop, besides mastering your British English pronunciation, you can get useful information and news from real life, too.

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Learn American English

For those who prefer learning American English, this channel is the right one.

Lessons on this channel are made to help you learn American English online quickly. This is where you can findAmerican slang words, some typical phrasal verbs, and idioms.

The introduction to the channel is well-made to show learners the differences between British English and American English.

Idiom Land

Idioms are an essential part of any language, especially because they don’t always make sense.

When it comes to some common English idioms and phrases, it is recommended to be well-prepared for every unpredictable situation.

That is why we recommend the Idiom Land channel.

On this channel, you can find short videos of idioms in movies so that you can see which occasions are the best to use them.

Business English Pod

When talking about improving English vocabulary or speaking skills, there are tons of useful channels.

But what about the words and phrases you need if you are going to a job interview, or, perhaps, you have to go to a business meeting where you are required to speak in English?

Luckily, there is a YouTube channel for that, too.

Business English Pod is a channel that can teach you all about contract law, economy, and business management.

Learn to write an email or be prepared for a business meeting with this channel.

Speak English With Mr. Duncan

Mr. Duncan is the host of the channel where you can learn English the different ways than you are used to.

A lot of humor in many different situations, such as money, news, fashion, slang, etc. shows how passionate Mr. Duncan is to teach people English.

His videos are easy to watch, and even though you don’t learn English grammar directly, in the end, you are rich in vocabulary and grammar as well.

Real English

With basic English words, this channel is ideal for beginners. Simple types of sentences are used here because of the real people and real-life situations.

This way, you see right from the beginning how people speak real English, including some ofthe most common words in English, and you’re not losing your time with English grammar rules.


Jenifer is an ideal teacher. She is pleasant and very patient. Her channel on YouTube offers plenty of videos for everyone, although it is perfect for basic English learning. Its playlists, where you can find the ones for beginners, for improving vocabulary, or learning grammar, are easy to use.

Jenifer’s channel became pretty famous for one reason: the intimate, friendly atmosphere with her friendly tone, gives you the feeling that you are in the classroom with her.

So if you need basic English learning check out this channel.

National Geographic

No, this is not a mistake.

You don’t have to learn English only from language channels.

National Geographic is the leading source of information for science and adventure.

They tell stories in an entertaining way that keeps you wanting for more and more. With this channel, you will definitely improve your listening skills.

Therefore, they are ideal for English learners, especially intermediate and advanced. Narrators always speak clearly and slowly, so it is easy to follow.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have access to helpful channels to learn English on YouTube, nothing can stand in your way of learning English.

Using the suitable channels and ways, you can master your pronunciation, boost your vocabulary, learn new idioms and phrases, and always be in excellent shape with grammar.

Your path is clear.

Good luck!

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