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In this post, we are here with the complete syllabus of Allahabad University for all UG, PG & P.hD. courses in pdf format.

In undergraduate courses, we have covered the syllabus of B.Sc, B.Com, BA, BCA, B.P.E. & B.Voc. On the other hand, the syllabus of M.Sc, M.A., M.Com, M.Tech, M.Ed & MCA is covered in the postgraduate courses.

Here’s what we will be covering in this post:

  1. A bit about Allahabad university along with the list of courses offered.
  2. The syllabus of various UG, PG & P.hD programs along with download links in pdf format.
  3. Common downloading problems & quick fixes.

You can use the below table of contents for better navigation through the courses.

Let’s dive right in!

Table of Contents

About Allahabad University

Allahabad University established on 23rd Sep 1887 is one of the oldest universities in India. It ranks #4 in terms of the oldest universities in India.

Located in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, it is one of the most popular universities in UP offering various UG, PG, P.hD & Diploma programs.

There are over 11 colleges affiliated with Allahabad University in Prayagraj. Additionally, the university offers more than 50 courses equipped under the faculty of Science, Arts, Commerce & Law.

For admission in various UG, PG & P.hD. programs, the university conducts UGAT (Undergraduate Aptitude Test), PGAT (Postgraduate Aptitude Test) & CRET (Combined Research Entrance Test) entrance exams respectively.

List of Courses

The university offers a wide range of UG, PG & Ph.D. courses. Here is the complete list of courses offered by them:

UG CoursesPG Courses
1. BSc (Bachelor of Science)1. MSc. (Master of Science)
2. BA (Bachelor of Arts)2. MA (Master of Arts)
3. BCom (Bachelor of Commerce)3. MCom (Master of Commerce)
4. BCA (Bachelor of Computer App.)4. MEd (Master of Education)
5. BPE (Bachelor of Physical Edu.)5. MCA (Master of Computer App.)
6. B.Voc (Bachelor of Vocation)

Allahabad University UG Syllabus

The syllabus of various undergraduate programs at Allahabad university is commonly divided into 3 years. UGAT (Under Graduate Aptitude Test) is a common entrance exam for admission in all UG courses.

Some of the main courses under the UG curriculum of Allahabad university are:

  • BSc (Bachelor of Science)
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts)
  • BCom (Bachelor of Commerce)
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)
  • BPE (Bachelor of Physical Education) &
  • B.Voc (Bachelor of Vocational Studies)

The detailed syllabus of all the courses along with the download link is given in the next section. You can use the link given after every course to download the syllabus directly from the official website.

01. BSc

BSc (Bachelor of Science) from Allahabad university is a 3-year degree course that is offered with more than 10 subjects.

The complete list of subjects in the faculty of science are given below:

StatisticsElectronicsHome Science
Earth & Planetary ScienceDefense & Strategic Studies

From the below download link/button, you can easily download the complete syllabus of BSc for all subjects. Please note that it is completely free to download & as provided by the university.

02. BA

The BA program from Allahabad university offers a wide range of courses. It includes a lot of interesting courses like Visual Arts, Journalism & Anthropology.

Similar to BSc, it is also a 3-year degree program with a total of 18 courses. The complete list of all the courses offered by this university is:

Ancient HistoryAnthropologyArabic & Persian
HindiJournalismMusic & PA
PhilosophyPhysical EducationPolitical Science
UrduVisual ArtsMedieval & Modern History

03. B.Com

B.Com stands for Bachelor of Commerce. It is another 3-year degree program where you will learn various commerce concepts like Accounting, Auditing, Income Tax, Business Statistics, etc.

Each year is divided into 3 groups,

  • A-B-C (1st year),
  • D-E-F (2nd year),
  • G-H-I (3rd year).
Group AGroup BGroup C
AccountingBusiness EconomicsMoney, Banking & Foreign Exchange
Business LawIndian EconomyBusiness Organization and Management
Group DGroup EGroup F
Cost AccountingBusiness StatisticsBusiness Environment
AuditingBusiness FinanceBusiness Comm. & Computers
Group GGroup HGroup I
Income Tax Law and AccountsHuman Resource ManagementPrinciples & Practices of Life and Property Insurance
Corporate AccountsMarketing ManagementInsurance Law, Salesmanship, and Risk Management

04. BCA

The BCA course at Allahabad university is of 3 years duration with each year comprises two semesters.

The syllabus of all six semesters is given below. Additionally, at the end of this section, you will find a link to download the detailed syllabus.

BCA 1st Year Syllabus:

Semester ISemester II
1. Mathematics-I1. Mathematics-II
2. Statistics2. Basic Electronics
3. Basic Circuit Analysis3. Digital Electronics and Computer Organization
4. Fundamentals of Programming4. Data Structures
5. Communication Skills5. Linux and Shell Programming
6. Business Systems6. Principles of Programming Languages

BCA 2nd Year Syllabus:

Semester IIISemester IV
1. Discrete Structures and Graph Theory1. Operating Systems
2. Design and Analysis of Algorithm2. Operation Research
3. Introduction to System Software3. Data Communications and Networks
4. Object-Oriented Programming using C++4. Software Engineering
5. Database Management System5. Web Programming using JAVA
6. Computer Architecture and Microprocessors6. Numerical Methods

BCA 3rd Year Syllabus:

Semester VSemester VI
1. .Net Framework & C#1. Image Processing
2. Embedded System2. Multimedia Systems
3. Computer Graphics
4. Secure Computing
5. Advanced DBMS

05. B.P.E.

B.P.E. stands for Bachelor of Physical Education, which is a course that deals with the study of Health, Sports & Athletic activities.

This undergraduate course is divided into 3 years – & there are 3 books in each year. The complete syllabus of Physical Education for all 3 years is described below:

B.P.E. 1st Year Syllabus:

Ist PaperFoundations of Physical Education
IInd PaperHistory of Physical Education
IIIrd PaperAnatomy & Physiology in Physical Education

B.P.E. 2nd Year Syllabus:

Ist Paper Health Education
IInd Paper Psychological basis in Physical Education
IIIrd Paper Care of athletic injuries & Rehabilitation

B.P.E. 3rd Year Syllabus:

Ist Paper Management in Physical Education
IInd Paper Introduction to Statistics & Computers in P.E.
IIIrd Paper Kinesiology & Bio-mechanics in Physical Education

06. B.Voc.

Bachelor of Vocation, B.Voc. is an undergraduate bachelor program. In contrast to other programs that are similar to this one, students who have completed this course are not considered freshers after graduation.

At Allahabad university, the syllabus of B.Voc is quite interesting & comprises journalism & project management up to great extent.

B.Voc. 1st Year Syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
1. Introduction to Media and Mass Communication1. Introduction to Video Camera and Videography
2. Introduction to Digital Photography2. Television Production – I (News)
3. Image Processing and Printing3. Communication and Writing Skill – English
4. Communication and Writing Skill – Hindi4. Indian Society and Development Communication
5. Fundamentals of Computer Application5. Computer Software for Print Media

B.Voc. 2nd Year Syllabus:

Semester IIISemester IV
1. Television Production – II (Programs)1. New Media and Online Journalism
2. Video Editing and Post Production2. Radio Journalism and Audio Editing
3. Introduction to Photojournalism3. Basics of Advertising and Public Relation
4. Translation : Hindi-English-Hindi4. Indian Government and Politics
5. Democracy, Human Rights and Mass Media5. Professional Communication and Technical Writing

B.Voc. 3rd Year Syllabus:

Semester VSemester VI
1. Creative Writing1. News Writing and Scripting for Print and T.V
2. Understanding Cinema2. Documentary Film Making
3. Introduction to Indian Economy3. Communication Research
4. Media Industry and Management4. Project Work & Presentation
5. Media Law and Ethics5. One-month Internship

Allahabad University PG Syllabus

Postgraduate courses are usually shorter in length. At Allahabad university, the duration of major PG courses is around 2 years.

In order to get admission to AU, students need to clear PGAT (Post Graduate Aptitude Test), which is common for almost all PG courses.

Following are some of the PG courses offered by the university:

  • MSc (Master of Science)
  • MA (Master of Arts)
  • MCom (Master of Commerce)
  • MTech (Master of Technology)
  • MEd (Master of Education) &
  • MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

The course-wise syllabus for each of them is discussed in the sub-sections below:

01. MSc

The Masters of Science is a 2-year post-graduate course at Allahabad University that gives students insight into practical as well as theoretical subjects.

Allahabad University offers an MSc program in more than 9 specialized fields. It involves Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, etc. The complete list of all the subjects as well as the link to download the complete syllabus is given below:

StatisticsElectronicsHome Science
Earth & Planetary ScienceDefense & Strategic Studies

02. MA

Similar to the Bachelor of Arts, the MA (Master of Arts) program also consists of a wide range of specialized fields in Arts & Humanity.

The detailed list of subjects is discussed below:

Ancient HistoryAnthropologyArabic & Persian
HindiJournalismMusic & PA
PhilosophyPhysical EducationPolitical Science
UrduVisual ArtsMedieval & Modern History

03. M.Com

The syllabus of M.Com (Master of Commerce) at Allahabad University is divided into four semesters. In the first two semesters, you will learn about Accounting, Management, Statistical Analysis & the Economic Environment.

The last two semesters however comprise the study of Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Labour Legislation & few other types of management.

M.Com 1st Year Syllabus:

Semester ISemester II
1. Accounting for Managerial Decisions1. Statistical Analysis
2. Advanced Business Economics2. Marketing Management
3. Business Management3. Finance Management
4. Economic Environment4. Human Resource Management

M.Com 2nd Year Syllabus:

Semester IIISemester IV
1. Entrepreneurship & Small Business1. Research Methodology
2. Organizational Behavior2. Management Information System
3. Corporate Management3. Management of Industrial Relation
4. Strategic Management4. Labour Legislation in India

04. M.Ed

M.Ed stands for Masters of Education is a post-graduate course that is a perfect fit for those who want to make a career in teaching. If you have already completed B.Ed, then you can do this course to enhance your teaching skills.

Teaching Methods, Lesson plans, Guidance & Counseling are some of the interesting topics in the syllabus of M.Ed. The detailed overview of the syllabus is as shown:

M.Ed 1st Year Syllabus:

Semester ISemester II
1. Philosophical perspective of Education1. Psychological perspective of Education
2. Education Technology2. Research Methodology in Education
3. Curriculum Construction3. Educational Management
4. Policy perspective & Problems4. Measurements & Evaluation

M.Ed 2nd Year Syllabus:

Semester ISemester II
1. Historical & Sociological perspective of Education1. Learner & Development
2. Statistics in Education2. ICT Enabled Education
3. Guidance & Counseling3. Teacher Education
4. Global perspective in Education4. Dissertation

05. MCA

MCA (Master of Computer Application) is a post-graduate course that can be done after completing bachelors in Science, Computer Application, or Engineering.

The duration of this course is 3 years – which is further divided into six semesters. In this course, you will be introduced to computer programming & data handling.

MCA 1st Year Syllabus:

Semester ISemester II
1. Introduction to IT & PC Software1. Information Systems Analysis, Design & Implementation
2. Computer Organization & Architecture2. Operating Systems
3. Algorithm & Advanced Data Structures through C3. Internet & Web Technology
4. Foundation course in Mathematics4. Principles of Management
5. Oral & Written Technical Communication5. Data Base Management System

MCA 2nd Year Syllabus:

Semester IIISemester IV
1. Computer Communication Networks1. Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
2. Object-Oriented Analysis & Design2. Software Engineering
3. RDBMS3. Visual Basic
4. Elective – I (Principles of Accounting)4. Optimization Techniques
5. Elective – II (From Computer)5. Numerical & Statistical Methods

MCA 3rd Year Syllabus:

Semester VSemester VI
1. Java Programming1. Network Programming (TCP/IP)
2. Management of Software Projects2. Seminar
3. Industrial Visits3. Thesis
4. Elective – I (From Computer)
5. Elective – II (From Management)

Allahabad University P.hD. Syllabus

The Doctorate of Philosophy at Allahabad University can be done with a wide range of subjects. It involves more than 20 specialized fields.

To download the syllabus of your subject, you can visit the official website of Allahabad University & Under the Faculty section (In Menu) – click the syllabus link.

AU Official Website >> Faculties >> Select Your Faculty >> Syllabus

The syllabus of a few subjects are also given in the below table:

Applied GeologyPhysical EducationPolitical Science

Downloading Problems & Common Fixes

If you face any problems while downloading the syllabus from our website, then you might be doing one of the below mistakes:

  • Your internet connection might be weak, try using a different network or switch to wifi.
  • You might not have a proper app for opening pdf files. We recommend using Google Drive / WPS Office (Both are available on the app/play store) for the same.
  • If you are using a VPN, try downloading without using it.

I hope after doing these fixes, you will be able to download the syllabus without any problem. If still, you can’t download anything from our website – just leave a comment or send us a Whatsapp message.


How can I get admission to Allahabad University?

In order to get admitted to Allahabad University, one needs to qualify for the entrance exam conducted by the university.
UGAT (Undergraduate Aptitude Test), PGAT (Postgraduate Aptitude Test) & CRET (Combined Research Entrance Test) are the entrance exams conducted by Allahabad University for UG, PG & Ph.D. students respectively.

What are the UG courses offered by Allahabad University?

B.Sc, B.Com, BA, BCA, B.P.E. & B.Voc. are some of the top undergraduate courses offered by Allahabad University.

How can I download the Allahabad university syllabus in pdf format?

You can easily download the complete syllabus of Allahabad university either from the official website of ALU or directly from our blog.


Allahabad University is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. It is ranked #4 in the list of oldest universities in India.

In this post, we have covered the complete syllabus of Allahabad University for various UG, PG & P.hD. programs. Along with that, we have also provided download links to the syllabus of all courses.

We hope, after reading this post – you will be able to download the complete syllabus of ALU in pdf format for free.

Do share this post with your friends & family – if you found it helpful. Also, connect with us on Telegram & Facebook for the latest updates.

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What is the syllabus of Allahabad University Entrance Exam? ›

Out of these seven subjects, 25 questions of the intermediate level will be asked from Civic, Economics, Geography, History, Logic, Sanskrit, and Urdu subjects. The candidate will have to select three of these subjects and answer all the questions of the three subjects selected.

How many seats are there in Allahabad University for UG? ›

Allahabad University UG Programs and Number of Seats

Allahabad University offers a number of programs at the undergraduate level. With 12 constituent colleges, Allahabad University offers more than 17000 seats in various undergraduate courses.

Is General Test is compulsory in Allahabad University? ›

Q. What are the compulsory subjects for admission in University of Allahabad? In the compulsory Language section, English or Hindi is compulsory for all students seeking admission to the University of Allahabad. In addition to this, General Test is also compulsory.

How many courses are available in Allahabad University? ›

Allahabad University offers a total of 132 courses at diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in regular mode. University of Allahabad offers B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, M.A, M.Sc, M.Com, M. Ed, M.P.A, Ph.

What is the total marks of Allahabad University Entrance Exam? ›

Allahabad University PGAT 2022 Marking Scheme

The total marks of the examination is 300 marks. 150 questions will be asked in the examination. For every correct answer, candidates will obtain 2 marks. On the other hand, there is a negative marking of 0.5 for every wrong answer.

How many marks is CUET exam? ›

CUET 2023 Exam Structure
Test/SubjectsNo. of questions to be attemptedTotal marks
Language (any one of the 13 languages opted in Section IA)40 out of 50200
Domain Specific Subjects (Max. 2 subjects)40 out of 50200
General Test60 out of 75300

Is Allahabad University good? ›

Overall, it is a good college with better infrastructural and educational facilities.

What is the cutoff for Allahabad 2022? ›

The Allahabad University cut off 2022 for UG courses will be prepared based on the marks secured by candidates in the CUET .
Categories/Cut OffsRounds
UR - 178 and above ST - 64 and aboveRound 1
UR - 184 and above OBC - 174 and above EWS - 194 and above SC - 150 and above ST - 98 and aboveRound 2
8 Oct 2022

Is Allahabad University a govt college? ›

The University of Allahabad is a collegiate central university located in Allahbad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
University of Allahabad.
Seal of the University of Allahabad
MottoLatin: Quot Rami Tot Arbores
Motto in English"As Many Branches So Many Trees"
Established23 September 1887
13 more rows

Is negative marking in Allahabad University? ›

In this paper, each question will carry two marks. There is no negative marking for the wrong answer.
The Exam pattern of Allahabad University B. Ed Admission Test.
SectionTopicNumber of Questions
Section IEnglish Language Comprehension20
General Knowledge & Current Affairs20
Mental Ability20
Teaching Aptitude20
2 more rows

How many questions are there in Allahabad University? ›

Allahabad University entrance exam pattern 2022 includes exam syllabus and question paper patterns or structure. They also include exam duration, mode and medium and marking scheme.
Allahabad University Exam Pattern 2022 for B.Sc Admission Test.
TopicsNo. of Questions
Science Group120 Questions
2 more rows
21 Aug 2022

Is general test compulsory for AU? ›

The section III of CUET 2022 is a General Test, and this section is compulsory for all candidates.

Which is best BHU or AU? ›

ALLAHABAD UNIVERSITY is considered to be better of you are an civil services aspirant. BHU is considered to be better in terms of academics , where you have a peaceful environment to study. But AU is not preffered in terms of academics as the campus is mostly indulged in student politics thanks to student unions.

What is the hostel fees of Allahabad University? ›

The annual fee for single seat occupancy in AU hostel is ₹14,500 while ₹12,500 is charged for double seat occupancy. The decision by the varsity authorities is timed with start of offline teaching in AU from mid-February.

What is the annual fee for Allahabad University? ›

New Delhi: Allahabad University has announced the hike in annual fees in all courses. The current annual fees would be Rs 4,151 per year or Rs 333 per month.

Is there any negative marking in Allahabad University Entrance Exam? ›

Marking Scheme: For each correct answer 2 marks will be given and half (0.5) points will be cut for the wrong answer. Oral Test: This exam is bisection into two parts, i.e. group leadership and personal interview.

Does BA have entrance exam? ›

Top colleges release online BA Application forms and shortlist the candidates based on the merit score in class 10 and class 12. However, several universities conduct an entrance exam to offer BA Admission. The first seat allotment list to offer Delhi BA Admission 2022 has been released.

What is the syllabus of Lucknow university entrance exam? ›

Lucknow University 2022 Syllabus - UG

(Hons.) Legal General Awareness, History, Geography, General Science, Reasoning and Mental Ability. Question paper will contain 100 MCQ out of which. (i) 50 questions of Chemistry & Physics (10+2) level.

What is PGAT 1 and PGAT 2 in Allahabad University? ›

PGAT Paper 1 will be conducted online and offline mode. PGAT Paper 2 will be a computer-based online exam. For each correct answer, 2 marks are awarded and for each wrong answer, 0.5 marks will be deducted. The First 50 questions are compulsory for each paper of PGAT 2022.

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