Applied Project Management (2023)

Are you looking for effective project management skills so that you can complete projects on time and on budget? This online program will provide you with practical and professional skills in all aspects of project management. Participants in this program often work as project managers, supervisors, or project coordinators and have project work experience that puts the learning into context - no matter what industry they work in.

Sask Polytech is pleased to partner with the Applied Management Centre to bring you the applied Project Management program. Asa Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute (PMI®), the largest international professional association for project managers, this program provides the necessary training to apply for the PMP® or CAPM® credentials with PMI®.

Applied Project Management (1)This program is worth 25 Gold Seal credits towards Gold Seal Certification with the Canadian Construction Association.

Program Details

The program is offered three times per year, starting in September, January and April. It is composed of six courses of varying lengths, which are taken over a 14-week period, although students have the option of completing it over several terms to a maximum of two years. The courses are designed to be taken in sequence to give you the opportunity to progressively work through the entire life cycle of a project - from initiation to closeout. The program finishes with a practical integration project. This final project provides an opportunity to demonstrate competency by consolidating the skills developed throughout the program. Students choose their own projects to complete the 12 required assignments. For more information, please download ourProgram Information Sheet (pdf).

Learn Online

You can access the online courses any time of day. There is no requirement to be online at a specific time, but you must follow the weekly pace. Each module begins on a Saturday and ends the following Thursday. During this time, participants should expect to spend approximately 15 hours per week on coursework and assignments.

The online courses use a wide variety of tools, such as discussion forums, blogs, email, group activities and online videos to increase interactivity between the participants. There is also collaboration with the instructor by email, phone and screen sharing.

Anyone can learn online, but online learning requires different skills than learning in a classroom. It's important to know what to expect, to understand how to succeed in online learning, and to identify any barriers that may hinder your learning in an online environment.

Is this Program Right for You?

Complete thisquestionnaireand watch this videoto help you identify if learning project management online is appropriate for you at this time.


All instructors have their Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential and many years' experience working as project managers and teaching project management.

Funding Options

Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant

This program is eligible for the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant which provides employers with training funds for their employees. To find out more call306-775-7939 or visit

Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy

This subsidy is available to qualified employers and provides a 100% subsidy. To find out more visit

Information Sessions

Information sessions on the Applied Project Management program are held quarterly.

Attend one of our upcoming information sessions for a chance to win a new Apple iPad.

The next session will be held on Thursday, March 9, 6:30 - 8 p.m. CST in Room 241, Regina Campus. Attend online if you are located outside Regina.

To attend the upcoming information session, or for more details on this program call Mary Jesse at 306-775-7939 or


Upon successfully completing all courses in the program, you will be eligible to graduate and receive the Applied Certificate in Applied Project Management. Complete the application to graduate (pdf) and submit the form and fee to Registration Services.

Your Career

Often as an applied project manager, you work in regulated indoor office environments, but you could visit work sites depending on the industry you are employed in.

The physical skills required depend on the type of project being managed. For example, if you are managing a construction project, you may need to climb ladders and would require the physical ability to do so.

(Video) The Applied Project Management, YouTube Channel

Start Date(s):

Online courses start in September, January and April

Length:14 weeks

  • Online/Distance options available
  • Some programs offered online or otherwise by distance (i.e., correspondence) include on-site labs, clinicals, practicums or work experiences. They may be offered course-by-course or full-time, or both, and deliveries may change over time.

Students do not apply to this program, but take courses part time and apply to graduate(pdf) throughEnrolment Services once all courses are completed.

View the program page for a complete list of courses and additional information.

Admission Requirements

  • Open Access


The School of Business recommends that students have basic computer literacy or Windows File Management.

Admission Method

Students do not apply to the program, but take courses part-time and apply to graduate once all courses are completed. View courses.

(Video) Applied Project Management Program

Tuition can be paid per course before each course starts throughout the duration of the program, or as a lump sum upfront.

Students must have a computer with Internet access, Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), Microsoft Project (2003-2013). Textbooks are optional for a small fee.

Tuition - $5,800
Software - approximately $40 per month (four months for full program)
Textbook - approximately $10 (optional)

See Part-Time Studies.

This program is not eligible for the Canada-Saskatchewan student loan program.




PROJ 110

Project Initiation and Charter Development


You will learn the terminology, formal processes, and a systematic approach to project management. You will learn to analyze project stakeholders. You will define project requirements, establish project objectives, estimate project scale, determine project constraints and assumptions, and define the project manager’s responsibilities and authority in a charter for a project that is relevant to your workplace.
Credit Units: 1
Course Hours: 15.0
Equivalent Course(s): PROJ 110CE
Potential Learning Method(s): Online, Prior Learning

(Video) Applied Project Management - Leveraging AI and SMART Tools after PMP

PROJ 111

Project Planning, Scheduling & Budgeting


You will develop practical project planning skills and knowledge through the systematic creation of a comprehensive project plan. You will identify and document project deliverables and tasks, estimate resources, develop a realistic project schedule, and create a complete project budget. You will learn to proactively manage project risks and use project management software.
Credit Units: 4
Course Hours: 60.0
Prerequisites(s): PROJ 110(concurrent)
Equivalent Course(s): PROJ 111CE
Potential Learning Method(s): Online, Prior Learning

PROJ 112

Project Execution and Control


You will learn how to direct and manage project execution. You will develop the knowledge and skills to track project resources and tasks, evaluate and report project performance, and determine how to recover project variances and control changes. You will learn to plan and control project quality and perform quality assurance. You will also learn how to manage procurement processes and contracts on projects.
Credit Units: 3
Course Hours: 45.0
Prerequisites(s): PROJ 111(concurrent)
Equivalent Course(s): PROJ 112CE
Potential Learning Method(s): Online, Prior Learning

PROJ 113

Project Leadership & Communications


You will develop practical leadership and communications skills required to manage project teams. You will learn to create, distribute, and store project information, and communicate effectively in mixed media. You will develop and use interpersonal skills to manage stakeholder expectations, motivate team members, negotiate agreements, and proactively manage relationships.
Credit Units: 3
Course Hours: 45.0
Prerequisites(s): PROJ 112(concurrent)
Equivalent Course(s): PROJ 113CE
Potential Learning Method(s): Online, Prior Learning

(Video) Applied Project Management: Project!

PROJ 114

Project Closing & Continuous Improvement


You will develop the knowledge and skills to close a project and you will learn strategies for continuous improvement. You will learn to administer project closing processes and transfer a completed project to operations. You will also learn to adapt a scalable project management model to apply improve project management practices across your organization.
Credit Units: 1
Course Hours: 15.0
Prerequisites(s): PROJ 113(concurrent)
Equivalent Course(s): PROJ 114CE
Potential Learning Method(s): Online, Prior Learning

PROJ 115

Applied Project Management Integration and Evaluation


You will complete a final integration project in which you will apply formal project management process to initiate, plan, execute, control and communicate a project based on lessons learned from all of the courses in the program. You will combine all of the project management processes into a comprehensive project management approach. You will also demonstrate your knowledge of project management concepts and processes on a comprehensive final examination.
Credit Units: 4
Course Hours: 60.0
Prerequisites(s): PROJ 114(concurrent)
Equivalent Course(s): PROJ 115CE
Potential Learning Method(s): Online, Prior Learning

Total semester credits: 16

Personal Readiness

  • Have a question? Please or call 306-659-4418.
“PMI”, “Project Management Professional”, “PMP”, “Program Management Professional”, “R.E.P.”, and the PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


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