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[Backers | CoC2] Mayternity Encore

June 3, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


Garde’s written a new bimbo dickgirl, Tarah, to go and romance (and have some babies with), and Skow’s written some new and very wholesome family bonding with Aileh and Freja. Plenty of saccharine sweetness to round out this year’s Mayternity.

0.7.11 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new Marefolk NPC, Tarah! (By Gardeford)
  • Kavi will send you out to rescue her dickgirl daughter, Tarah! She might be lacking in brains, but she makes up for it in hearts. You can help her to find a mate, or take on that duty yourself. If you’re craving an adorable horse, you can f*ck and cuddle her to your hearts content. Tarah’s got a lot of wholesome sex and cuddling, with some small penis encouragement for her on the side!
  • Tarah can knock the PC up, if you want to be her mate!
  • Aileh has a new scene for her first time seeing the PC post becoming a dragon-morph yourself. (By Skow)
  • Aileh and Freja have a bunch of new interactions and wholesome family bonding once Freja’s a toddler. Teach her alchemy, have a picnic together, go swimming, visit the purified Hornet Hive, or go have dinner with her grandma (assuming she’s not too hostile with you). (By Skow)
  • Text fixes courtesy of Zag.

In other news, I’ve recently finished writing an early-game quest for Livrea and am just about ready to finish off Calise’s post-Feast of Heroes content in her Khor’minos apartment. Tobs has a quite massive expansion for Meira in the queue, as is Jstar’s enormous Corrupted Lupine dungeon and one from Skow focused on the snow cats. Lotta big quests and expansions coming up in the near future. Stay tuned!

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May 26, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


Mayternity continues with a girthy expansion to the Terrestrial Fire temple’s guardian hound, now ready to follow the flames you inherited to your Wayfort!

Plus on the normal content front, B!’s written a huge new character (over 94,000 words!) called Oma, who can grant you three wishes if you rub her lantern just the way she likes it.

0.7.10 Patch Notes:

  • Edit: Hotfixes are live to help with some crash issues!
  • The Hellhound MILF that has long laired in the Temple of Terrestrial Fire has had enough of being lonesome and uprooted herself in search of her mate! If you’ve upgraded the Wayfort at least once and claimed the fire summons from the temple, the Hellhound will come to the Wayfort and ask to become its new guardian!
  • The Hellhound and her pups have wholesome new interactions with the Wayfort’s denizens. Unsurprisingly, they get on well with Daliza(‘s wolf) and Vatia(‘s little snakes). She and Hana even pump iron together.
  • The Hellhound MILF has new talks at the Wayfort, and through them can be persuaded to make you an outfit that matches the Terrestrial Fire cultists’ pyromancy garb.
  • The Hellhound also has an optional futafication path, and three new scenes for her using her co*ck on you.
  • With that comes a new PC pregnancy for carrying some warm and energetic hellpups! (Written by Bluebird42)
  • A whole new character: Oma the Genie, written by B! Unlike a typical NPC, Oma, being a genie, is found in a magic lamp. You can currently find the lamp either in the Kobold Queen’s stash of miscellaneous golden goods, or you can purchase it from Nash the backstreet peddler in Khor’minos. You also need a helping of Naptha, which can be found in numerous locations, but is most easily purchased from Ogrish in Hawkethorne. Once you have both the lamp and the Naptha, you can interact with your lamp in any camp.
  • Oma, being a genie, has the power to grant you any three pre-written wishes, ranging from semi-invincibility to increased storage space. Whether or not Oma will grant your wish as you specify them is determined by your hubris. She may be more amenable if you give her something that she wants first…
  • Naturally, she can take advantage of her reality-warping powers to create nearly any sex scene any writer for her can imagine. As two examples, you can have sex with an entire harem of Omas, and you can have her roleplay as someone specific that you might know. And more may come in the future!
  • She comes with lots of interactions with your companions! You can ask anyone in your currently active party (including Lyric) what it is they would wish for. They might also step in and prevent you from wasting a wish if Oma is still acting disagreeable.
  • The Lapis Hoplite can now be summoned at the Wayfort’s magic circle for some fun times, with four new sex scenes! (By SomeKindofWizard)
  • Cait’s old combat busts are now usable again no matter what state of transformation she’s in. Sorry about that!
  • Fixes and typo corrections by Spotty & Zag!

Agni’s threesomes with the Hellhound are temporarily unavailable once she comes to the Wayfort, but will be returning in a future patch.

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[Public | CoC2] Knocking up Nottia

May 16, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


Nottia pregnancy is here! This is a one-time pregnancy and it requires the player has a dick and is not impotent, the player has resolved the centaur caravan quest and has either sent the centaurs to Nottia’s farm OR sent them to Marilla’s farm + then enlisted the soldiers to help at Nottia’s farm, and the player has had sex with Nottia before. Then you can talk to her about pregnancy. Enjoy! -Wsan

There’s also a whole boatload of new Cait busts, and some minor updates and tweaks for her existing content, plus a couple new scenes!

0.7.9 Patch Notes:

  • Nottia the cowgirl farmer has a new pregnancy expansion! Triggered by either moving the centaur caravan to her farm or getting some minoan soldiers to help her out. Then just talk to her about having kids to get the ball rolling. (By Wsan)
  • Getting the information for Cait’s Cat Call quest has been streamlined, and partially combined with Evergreen’s existing fetch quest — you can now do the quest and demand the info Cait needs as payment. Just make sure you have Cait with you when you go for the quest.
  • If you get Cait’s normal plea for help, you can also now make a counteroffer to Evergreen that’ll set you on the bag quest! (by Melon_Ear)
  • Cait has a new [Her Magic] talk once you’ve acquired 5 total power sets for her, updated to reflect her growing prowess as a budding mage.
  • If you enter Livrea’s tile with Cait in the party, and have both met Liv before & done Cat Call, Liv and Cait can jam out together. One time only.
  • When interacting with Cait in camp on the Windy Peaks or leaving the Vulperine Village with her, you can catch Cait enjoying some nip to keep warm. One time only.
  • When leaving Nieves’s magic shop with Cait in the party, you can trigger a scene of Cait and Nieves talking about magic. This gives Cait a small new accessory. One time only.
  • You can thank Nieves for the gift by sucking her co*ck with Cait. 🙂
  • Cait’s Vestal set has had its Encounter power tweaked: it can no longer be interrupted, but it does lose its initial AoE damage burst as a trade off. Should keep Vestal Cait nice and tanky all fight, even if you fight something that likes to throw around knockdowns!
  • Various bugfixes (thanks Zag <3), including a fix for Hana’s romantic sex no longer taking your butt if you aren’t a buttslu*t and have a co*ck of your own.
  • New Busts: Cait, in all her (non-Leothran) variations, pregnant Nottia (by Moira).

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[Backers | CoC2] Mayternity Begins!

May 6, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


Mayternity’s starting off with another gravid patch — Hana’s able to knock up the PC, and Kailani’s able to be knocked up, about 44,000 words worth of new breeding content all told!

0.7.8 Patch Notes:

  • Hana has expanded content! If you’ve upgraded the Wayfort at least once, gone on three hunting trips with Hana, and done at least one repeatable sex scene with her, Hana will offer to take you on a new date that can end with you two cementing your relationship as lovers!
  • Once you’re lovers AND if the PC has a puss*, Hana gains a new talk option about having kids. Say yes to her, and from then on, any scene in which Hana c*ms in the PC’s puss* can result in the PC becoming pregnant with Hana’s child! (Make sure to turn Buttslu*t mode off if you want Hana to find the right hole. She’s a fiend for that backdoor.)
  • New PC Pregnancy: Hana’s kit! The first child you can have with Hana is a unique, named kid, but she can knock you up repeatedly afterwards!
  • After Hana and the PC have at least one child born, Hana will pull up stakes on her camp and move to be just outside the Wayfort.
  • Hana has two new repeatable sex scenes: Romantic Ride, after you become lovers, and Pregnant Spooning while the PC is heavily pregnant with her child.
  • Hana has new events for the first and second time you approach her cabin after her first child is born, and another that occurs the first time you [Talk] with her after.
  • Kailani’s content has finally rounded out – in more ways than one! One week after completing her quest and accepting her proposal to be her mate, she’ll go into heat and demand that you, her partner, do something about it. Bedicked characters can knock her up, resulting in a single, named, unique babuu named Opal.
  • Kailani has three new sex scenes, each of them varying in content based on whether Kailani is in heat, is pregnant, or is otherwise normal.
  • New Bust: Inaya, Kailani’s adoptive daughter, by Moira
  • New CG: Hana and her newborn (by Moira).

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[Backers | CoC2] Hana the Ranger

April 26, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


There’s a new member of the kitsune colony ready to be met in the Marches, and she’s packing a little something extra than all the other girls 😉

0.7.7 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new encounter on the road from the Wayfort to the Den in the Frostwood: a red-headed kitsune fighter named Hana, who might need some help against a pack of local leothrans.
  • After you help Hana out, you can meet her at a camp near the north side ruined bridge in the Frostwood. While at her camp, you can chat with her and get some home-cooked campfire meals.
  • Hana can take the PC on hunting trips! She has four different hunts she can take you on, one of which leads to a set of new lewd scenes between Hana, the PC, and some locals.
  • If you make certain friendly (or horny) choices while having dinner with Hana, and having discovered what she’s packing between her legs, she’ll offer a romantic evening with you between 6-9 PM. Continuing to be friendly with her will unlock her repeat sex scenes.
  • Hana comes packed with 5 repeat sex scenes, several of which are branched, or let you leave Hana blueballed — which you can exploit on future encounters to make her a blushing, leaky mess.
  • Brint/Brienne has a new combat set, the Green Knight. After you’ve recruit the cow and brought either Eryka or Liaden back to town, going into Sanders’ chapel should show a new event with the two that grants your bovine buddy some heavy armor healing power!
  • Arona has a new combat set, the Hawkeye. If you’ve recruited her and Etheryn, and have finished the Palace of Ice dungeon, walking around adjacent to the Winter City’s Waystone will trigger an event with Arona, Ryn, and a handful of Ryn’s vassals learning archery. Arona can walk away with a greatbow that would make a Silver Knight proud, and depending on your choices (and having Dom!Arona), you and her might get to teach some snooty elves a lesson. With Arona’s dick.
  • Cait has a new combat set, the Frostheart. Senja sells a new, cursed-looking spellbook for a fat stack of cash. Bring it to Cait, and your kitty comrade may be able to divine some meaning from its maddened pages so that you can both walk away with potent frost magics. Alternatively, you can get rid of the book after talking to Cait, and the next time you talk to Barney he’ll have his own reward for you both. Turns out he’d prefer his daughter not play with cursed toys, even if they’re powerful!
  • There’s a new CG as part of Lady Juno’s invitation to the witch’s tower, showing all five moo-milfs in their full glory! (Done by the legendary Sulcate!)
  • Zag did a TON of bug/typo fixes. Big shoutout to ’em. <3
  • Ditto Spotty chippin’ in to clearing out bug backlog!

Hana’s got a big chunk of additional content already in the code pipe for next month. A merry month that might have a certain theme of content running through it…

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[Public | CoC2] A Taste of Draconic Power

April 16, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


It’s finally time to unleash the power of the crystal retrieved from Dracia’s ancient dragon-barrow…

… and then make Daliza cream her panties at the sight of you.

0.7.6 Patch Notes:

  • Edit: A hotfix is out, updating the requirements for Daliza’s treasury scene to be based on the money in your pocket, not waiting for pickup in the vault, and making her first reaction to Dragon!PC proc more reliably. It also has moved Elthara from arriving every 14 days at the Wayfort to every day ending in 0 — the same schedule as your fort’s taxes are collected. Makes it easier to keep track of her!
  • If you have secured the blood crystal from the bottom of Dracia Keep, you can now bring it to Viviane to pick up a quest that will allow you two to refine it into a new TF item: the long-awaited Dragon TF.
  • Once you have taken enough of the Dragon TF to count as a dragon, Daliza has a unique new scene for seeing you for the first time. Triggers when entering the Wayfort.
  • Daliza also has two new repeatable scenes for Dragons: bullying her with your tail, and roleplaying in your hoard (if you have a whole boatload of coins in the vault).
  • Azzy, Ashe, Kaina, and Dragon!Evelyn all have small unique interactions the first time you return to them as a Dragon.
  • Daliza has a new talk scenes about dragons, if she’s seen you as a Dragon at least once.
  • If you pursue an alternative method to acquire the Dragonsblood TF (perhaps using something acquired from Nash, rather than normal Cinderleaf…), there’s a new sexual perk hidden in the TF and a new pregnancy that works similarly to the Harpy’s Oviparous.
  • The scene at Ogrish’s smithy with Jen is now one-time-only.
  • New CG: Daliza in your treasury, the crown jewel of a dragon’s hoard. (By Akira!)

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Happy Year of the Dragon, everyone!

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[Backers | CoC2] Oral April!

April 6, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


A bit ago we did a poll over on our Patreon asking about what kinds of kinky sex acts other than penis-in-vag/ass folks were into, and perhaps unsurprisingly, oral carved out a healthy win there. So we decided to all pitch in and write a scene or two each for a bit of a themed patch — Oral April.

Breastplay and lactation had a pretty comfortable 2nd place…

And for anybody who didn’t catch that our last “patch” was an April Fools gag: your saves are safe and sound, and carry over from the last “real” patch like normal. We didn’t want anybody accidentally getting stuck with tweaked gear or negative stats or anything weird like that!

0.7.5 Patch Notes:

  • The Hellhound in the Temple of Terrestrial Fire has a new scene where she gives you a titf*ck and then a blowj*b!
  • Lusina has a new scene at the Marefolk Camp where you can dive into the mothy muff and eat her out!
  • Yonzan the lizard man has a new 69 scene over in the bath house! (By Wsan)
  • Ahmri has a new scene for going down on her at the Centaur Village! (By Gardeford)
  • Aileh has a new scene for using her horns like handlebars and f*cking her face! Requires that you be lovers. (By Skow)
  • Solveig, the Frost Hound’s half-orc, has a new scene for eating her out! (By Skow)
  • The Manticore Twins up on the Windy Peaks have a new scene for sucking both their dicks while you sit on Leticia’s face! (By Skow)
  • Aestrea the dickgirl salamander has a mighty 40-page one-night-stand scene for after finishing her related quest. A taste of what’s to come when you eventually head to Tychris! This event triggers 10 days (or 2-3 days if you already did it) after finishing Matiha’s Revenge, in the Frost Hound. (By B!)
  • Thalia, the ghostly salamander from NinaQuest, has a new Get Oral scene for her pleasuring either your co*ck or your vag. (By TheObserver)
  • Thalia has a new Facesitting scene, with the PC on bottom. (By TheObserver)
  • Thalia has a new Anal scene, using either the PC’s co*ck or a ‘mander tail. (By TheObserver)
  • New Busts: Temple of Mallach’s lupine milfs (by DCL), a new Hethia bust (by Moira)
  • New CG: Elthara covered in love bites after her lesdomme scene (by AnonArts)

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[Public | CoC2] Final Combat Mechanics Revision [Happy April Fools]

April 1, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


After years of faffing around, waffling between systems and ideas, we’ve finally chosen to look to the game’s past, and the past of the genre as a whole, and revamp our combat system one last time. We’re calling this the Advanced Roleplaying Rules module, where you’ll find greater survivability, streamlined character progression, and revised itemization that should dramatically increase the fun factor all around in a timeless harkening to the oldest days of the genre.

2.7.5 Patch Notes:

  • After much discussion among the staff, we have chosen to rename some of the classes to better communicate the intent behind their mechanical and narrative design. We have renamed the Warrior as the Fighter, the White Mage as the Cleric, the Black Mage as the Wizard, and the Charmer as the Bard. Thieves escape unharmed — for now! Some day they’ll even be able to actually steal things!
  • To combat combat becoming too easy, and characters too overpowered on both sides, you no longer gain Attribute points when you level up, making your Race, Background, and Class choice considerably more important. What you start with is what you’ll have all game! Plan out your combinations wisely!
  • Perks have proven to be too complex and burdensome for players and developers alike (I hate coming up with new things as you gain levels…), and thus are no longer gained past Level 1. Your initial choice of class is that much more important now!
  • Speaking of surviving all game, Evasion has been reworked. Now called “Armor Class,” it derives almost entirely from your equipment. The lower your class of armor, the more likely you are to dodge an attack.
  • The base chance for evading an attack has been increased from 15% to about 50%, significantly increasing survivability and fun factor.
  • Your Accuracy score has been replaced with a To Hit Armor Class rating, based around a benchmark of Armor Class 0. We’re calling this THAC0 for short.
  • The dice rolls used behind the scenes for THAC0 have been changed from 1-100 to 1-20 to simplify math. Most combat related numbers have been divided by 5 to compensate.
  • You no longer score Critical Hits for having Accuracy (or well, THAC0) sufficiently high; your Critical Chance rating is now all that determines crits.
  • Initiative has been replaced with a new system, Speed Factor, which determines your place in the turn order. Like with Accuracy, it’s almost entirely gear dependent. The heavier your equipment, the worse your Speed Factor will be.
  • After many, many comments on the confusion it caused, the Donut Steele placeholder name has been replaced with something more appropriate: Great Hero.
  • Given the significant degree of changes above, old saves are no longer compatible with the new version of the rules. You’ll need to make your own new Great Hero to enjoy the full depth and breadth of our 2nd Edition Advanced Roleplaying Rules.

Join us in wishing CoC2 a happy anniversary with today’s major overhaul!

You can check it out here on the web, or download it here.

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on either PatreonorSubscribeStar! And come hang out on CoC2’s ownDiscord!

Edit: Happy April 1st everyone :3 Normal updates to the game will resume, sans AD&D-isms, in a few days. And yes, your saves from the last build will carry over safe and sound.

[Backers | CoC2] Nina’s Eggspansion

March 28, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


With Nina’s quest behind you, you can now treat yourself to about 150 pages of brand new smut with Nina and Thalia!

0.7.4 Patch Notes:

  • After finishing Nina’s new quest, she has a couple of new sex scenes! (by TheObserver)
  • One of those sex scenes is a special Impregnation scene that does exactly what you expect: fills that bird full of eggs!
  • If both Nina and Zhara are pregnant at the same time, they have a unique scene together.
  • All of Nina’s existing scenes have been updated to account for her being gravid with eggs!
  • Thalia the Proto-Astrida can be summoned at the Wayfort’s summoning circle if you secure her remains! It’s a bit of a preview, since normally you’d want to take her to Nareva first, but Nareva’s a bit occupied at the moment (ie not in game yet), so this’ll have to do! (by TheObserver)
  • Thalia has new talk scenes the first time you summon her.
  • Thalia has a host of new sex scenes — with a few more still to be added next patch, too!
  • Various bugfixes, including some by Spotty!
  • Azami now has an NPC tile marker in the den for her first time interaction!

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on eitherPatreonorSubscribeStar! And come hang out on CoC2’s ownDiscord!

[Public | CoC2] Squashing Bugs

March 19, 2024Savin

ArtCorruption of Champions


We released a public patch earlier this morning with a new dungeon and the next phase of the Main Story Quest — and now it’s time to patch the patch! 🙂

0.7.3 Patch Notes:

  • Updated Ryn’s [Her People] talk
  • Added Pink Fur Scrub to hawkethorne/marefolk stylists
  • Added option to Leothranize Cait without participating in the sex
  • Fix for a crash when using Simple Combat Output and fighting the Doppleganger
  • Fix for not being able to return to the second level of the Warped Wayfort if the Soldier’s Stash event was assigned to the maze entrance tile
  • Fix for Witch Cait’s new Radiant Gift stance crashing the game if it’s interrupted
  • Tons of text fixes
  • Other misc fixes
  • More fixes courtesy of Spotty
  • More fixes courtesy of Zag
  • New Bust: Kailani (by Moira)

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