How to Introduce Your Boss to a Client in an Email (2023)


Through the course of your professional career, you may have to introduce your boss to a client in an email. This doesn't only have to be your boss, it could be your supervisor, your team lead, department lead, etc. Several occurrences may force you to introduce your boss to a client in an email.

This article will discuss the necessary possible event that may force you to introduce your boss to a client by email. We'll lay out the process involved in writing an introduction email and include samples of emails introducing your boss to a client.

Some Reasons to Introduce Your Boss to a Client in an Email

There's an unlimited number of reasons to introduce your boss to a client in an email. One of the most common reasons is simply because the client asked to speak to the boss. As an attendant (or someone in charge of a particular client), the client may be frustrated and think you don't have enough expertise to handle their queries.

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Usually, an email introducing your boss to a client isn’t the first email you send to the client. Before the email introducing your boss, you must have sent a series of emails to your boss.

Here is a list of reasons a client to introduce a client to your boss:

1. A High Profile Client.

One of the reasons to introduce your boss to a client is if the client is a high-profile client. To reduce the risk of your company losing out on a potentially huge payday, it makes sense to introduce the client to your boss to continue discussions or negotiations. Another reason to introduce your boss to a high-profile client is to show the client that you understand their value and appreciate their business.

2. If the Client Needs Special Attention

Sometimes you encounter a client with out-of-the-ordinary needs that you haven't experienced before. If you work in customer service, you may have gone through many possible scenarios to best arm yourself for potential customer inquiries. But if a customer comes with a complaint and you don't know what to do, it’s advisable to send the client up the ladder by introducing your boss or immediate superior.

Sometimes, as an agent or a customer representative, no preparation can prepare you for all customer inquiries and complaints. In out-of-the-blue scenarios like these, the only available option is to pass the client to a superior with more expertise. It is in a better position to handle the customer inquiry.

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3. Client Needs Information You Can’t Provide

Akin to the above reason, sometimes a client comes with a special request or needs certain information that you either don't have access to or don't know. In a situation like this, the best plan of action would be introducing a boss or a superior to ensure that client inquiry or problem has been resolved.

4. If the Client needs are out of Your Area of Specialty

A client may come with an inquiry or problem that's out of your area of speciality. In an event like this, the best thing to do would be to introduce them to your boss or a superior that's better suited for that inquiry.

5. If the Client asks to Speak to a Manager

To solve a particular inquiry, a client may request to speak directly to the manager or the boss. While this is more common in brick-and-mortar stores, it's not unheard of with emails. Also, if the client has a proposal or has essential information, they may ask to speak directly to the manager to pitch their ideas, relay their problems or share information.

6. Client is a lead from a Cold Email Campaign

When a client is gotten from a cold email campaign, it’s usually a delicate situation. This is mainly because cold email clients are still on the ledge, and any mishap may overturn converting them to actual clients.

So, if you’re in the first stages with a cold email lead and you feel you’ve hit a stumbling block, it’s always advisable to introduce your boss or someone with more expertise to ensure that client is converted.

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These are some of the reasons why you may be inclined to introduce your boss to a client.

How to Introduce Your Boss to a Client in an Email (1)

How to Write an Email Introducing Your Boss to a Client

When writing an email to introduce your boss to a client, you should follow standard guidelines and tips. Here are some of them.

An email introducing your boss to a client has two segments:

The first part of the email presents you apologizing to the client for the inconvenience and informing the client that you're looping your boss in for further assistance (if the event calls for it).

The second part is where you brief your boss on the problem the client is facing (this doesn't mean your boss hasn't been informed beforehand).

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Ideally, after introducing your boss to a client, you’re “let off the loop”, what this means is that after you introduce your boss to a client, your boss continues the conversation till the customer inquiry has been resolved. In consequent emails from your boss to the client, your boss may decide to move your email address to CC or BCC so as to give you an idea or update you on the progress of the inquiry.

Email Sample to Introduce Your Boss to a Client

Hello Jane,My apologies for the inconvenience. I'm looping in my boss for further assistance. Hi Simon,Jane has been having issues logging into her account for the past couple of days. Whenever she tries the self-help options, she's warned that her account would be blocked if it persists. Kindly help her with this problem. Regards, Jim Carrey

Email Sample Two to Introduce Your Boss to a Client

Hello Simon,Thank you for your patience. To provide further assistance and make sure your questions and inquiries are answered, I've copied my boss in this email. He'll handle all inquiries and make sure your account is up and running without any hitch. Thank you for doing business with us. Regards, Jim Blessed

Email Sample Three to Introduce Your Boss to a Client

Hello Judith,Thank you for emailing Woculus about your complaint. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. To ensure your inquiry receives the proper attention and is handled as efficiently as possible, I'll be looping my boss in. Hi Jeffery, Judith subscribed for the premium package and an account upgrade. She has completed her KYC, but the account hasn't been upgraded. Would you please assist her with this problem?Regards, Jim Blessed

Email Sample Four to Introduce Your Boss to a Client

Hello Jaden, Thank you for creating time to speak with me over the phone.With regards to our discussion about our plans and packages, I'll be looping my boss in this email to explain our services and campaign further. Thank you for your time. Hey Simon,Jaden is a new client from the Hold campaign. He would like a few clarifications concerning our plan.I assured him you’re the best person to onboard him and give him a firsthand tour of our services. Regards,Jim Blessed

Email Sample Five to Introduce Your Boss to a Client

Hello Simon,Our sincere apologies for the inconviences you must have experienced from being locked out of your account. We're doing everything we can to resolve this and restore your account. To this effect, I've looped the our head of security and cyber crime in this email.Hello Anna, Simon tried to log into his account and was unable to. He tried to change his password and his account became restricted. It's been 4 days and he's not been able to access his account. Kindly assist him with this problem. Best Regards,Jim Blessed


In your professional career, you're going to deal with a lot of scenarios. Some of them can be anticipated, and others can't. One of these scenarios is sending an email to introduce your boss.

In this article, we listed some dos and don’ts for introducing your boss to a client. These scenarios differ according to client, industry, and inquiry, but the rules are generally the same. If you follow these rules, you're on the right track and suited to write a proper email introducing your boss to a client.


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