Pokemon: Infinite Fusion - Dawn/Dusk Stone Location — Set Ready Game (2024)

by Jeff

One of the more difficult items to find in Pokemon Infinite Fusion is the Dusk Stone. You can get a Dusk Stone roughly mid-way through the game. First, you will need to beat Giovanni and his goons in the Silph Co. Tower in Saffron City. After defeating these enemies and clearing the tower, you will be able to take the train to Goldenrod City in Johto.

Once you are in Johto, make your way to the large building known as the shopping center. From the Pokemon Center, simply move down the main path through the city and the large shopping center will be seen on the right side. The dawn or dusk stone can be purchased from the shop assistant on the right hand side on the ground floor. They cost 5,000 pokedollars each.

You can read a detailed guide on how to get to the Goldenrod Department Store below if you are getting stuck.

Getting to the Goldenrod Dept. Store – Step-By-Step

Before you can get to the Goldenrod department store and purchase a dusk stone or a dawn stone you will have to fulfill some criteria. First, you will need to already have the first three badges in the game.

Step 1: Defeating Giovanni for the First Time (Celadon Sewer)

Once you have these three first badges make your way to Celadon City. If you go south of the city and cut the trees in the way, you will find your way to a sewer system where the gym leader Erika is battling some team rocket members. Watch this fight and join forces with her to battle through the sewer. There are some puzzles inside the sewer which involve walking on two planks of wood to knock them into the water, then flooding the sewer to walk across these planks.

After getting through the sewer, you will eventually come face-to-face with Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. Upon defeating Giovanni you will be given the Silph Scope, which will allow you to travel up the ghost tower in Lavender town to rescue Mr Fuji. Regardless, you will now be able to enter Saffron City through any of the entrances. Rather than fighting you, the guard will instead challenge you to a Pokemon battle. upon defeating them, you can enter Saffron City and battle Team Rocket there.

Step 2: Defeating Team Rocket in Saffron City

You will need to take a train from Saffron City to Goldenrod City in Johto. Unfortunately, the train station is blocked by a team rocket grunt until you drive them out of the city. In the middle of the city stands the Silph Co building. You will need to defeat Giovanni once more here in order to drive Team Rocket from Saffron. You can see the Silph Co building in the picture below.

Head to floor 5 and make your way to the teleporter at the bottom of the room. The one with the Rocket Grunt standing beside it. You will have to enter this teleporter first, then go back through it in order to get the keycard on floor 5. Once you have the keycard you can open gates. You will need to go through each of the floors saving the trapped silph co workers. You must save all 12 workers before you can proceed to Giovanni.

Pokemon: Infinite Fusion - Dawn/Dusk Stone Location — Set Ready Game (2)

Once you have found each of the trapped hostages, head to floor 3. Here, you will find the teleporter which will lead to Giovanni’s room. It is the yellow teleporter on floor 3 which is just down and to the left. Taking this will lead you to a small room with an NPC and one teleporter. This NPC will tell you how many hostages still need to be saved. Once you save them all you will be given a Pokemon as a reward and allowed through.

Once you’re on the floor with Giovanni, your rival will follow you in and battle you. Now you’ll have to defeat your rival. They will heal you and then they will help you fight Giovanni. You will both be able to use all or your Pokemon. After defeating Giovanni you can take the teleporter in his room. This leads straight to the production room where you will be given a free Master ball.

Step 3: Taking the Train to Goldenrod

Once you’ve beaten the Silph Co Rockets, you can now take the train to Goldenrod city in order to buy a dawn or dusk stone. Leave the building and head to the top left of Saffron City. There you will find the train station. Enter the building and speak with the man in front on the tracks. For 1,000 Pokedollars you can buy a ticket to Goldenrod City and be able to purchase a dusk stone.

Pokemon: Infinite Fusion - Dawn/Dusk Stone Location — Set Ready Game (3)

Once your in Goldenrod City, take a right to the main path and then head down. After a short walk you will see a tall building on the right hand side of the town (as pictured below). This is the shopping center where you can buy as many dawn stones and dusk stones as you wish! Each one will cost $5,000. It doesn’t matter if you come here in the day or night, they are always available.

Pokemon: Infinite Fusion - Dawn/Dusk Stone Location — Set Ready Game (4)

Now that you have made the trip to Goldenrod City, you no longer have to spend the money on train tickets back and forth. You are free to teleport back to Kanto and can teleport back to Goldenrod City at any time to buy more dusk stones. For now, all other parts of Johto will be locked until you defeat the elite four in Kanto.

Pokemon: Infinite Fusion - Dawn/Dusk Stone Location — Set Ready Game (2024)
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