Team Night Out Manchester | Alcotraz Prison Bar (2023)

Team Night Out Manchester | Alcotraz Prison Bar (1)

Cell Block Three-Four, Manchester

Work Night Out Manchester

Team building in Manchester just got criminal. Alcotraz Penitentiary is the bar behind bars and an exceptional immersive theatre experience with a perfect blend of live entertainment and immersive theatre. The city that brought you the industrial revolution is now giving you the chance to revolt or reform with an unforgettable experience serving time at Alcotraz Penitentiary.

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"We were really struggling for creative team building ideas that we hadn't already tried as a company having done everything from real detectives to a mobile escape room experience. Alcotraz truly surpassed all of it. I have nothing but great feedback for how well the actors worked with our groups and how lovely the cocktails were. Thank you for being a great host, Alcotraz!"
"Alcotraz was the perfect event and earns as many points as I can give it for being a brilliant show and great team building experience. we were entertained, had a great laugh and everyone was so professional, we didn't race to leave as we were having such a good time it could have gone on for another hour at least. Thanks for a top team night out, Manchester Alcotraz!"
"We went as quite a big Manchester team on an events in Manchester weekend. Escape Rooms, Casino tables and a few outdoor activities but nothing topped Alcotraz! It was the most amazing game we played and was most popular with our teams whilst not even being the most expensive event we did with our budget. We loved it!"
"So much fun! Our chosen location was Manchester city and we would gladly go back and do it again. It was one of our more adventurous team building ideas as we aren't big theatre goers. A game of Table football and pub Olympics are favourites so the drinking aspect of Alcotraz sold us. It was so much fun for all the teams involved and the perfect indoor activity if you like a good laugh."
"The last event on our agenda after a day of outdoor experiences was Alcotraz! And honestly I'd swap outdoor for indoor any day! The drinks kept coming and the show was brilliant and perfectly immersive. Sorry we arrived late! it was like herding cattle with so many of us, but it did lend it's self well to the running joke that we were serving time management! Thanks for the laughs Alcotraz!"
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Welcome to Alcotraz

With great venues across four cities Including Manchester city centre Alcotraz is proud to be building activities in Manchester bespoke and perfect for any Manchester team looking test their problem solving skills and their team work. Plan, plot and scheme your way to the top of the prison system with an exciting team building activity that gives you a whole new set of business objectives, starting with the small matter of smuggling in your contraband. When it comes to indoor activities, it doesn’t get more inside than locked up!

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Your Time Inside

Once you’re in, you and your colleagues are taken into an exciting world of mischief as you are instructed by a notorious bootlegging gang on the inside to smuggle-in liquor that gets given to you in a cocktail masterclass.

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Your Mission

When you visit Alcotraz you step into a world where your life of crime caught up with you. The criminal activity doesn’t stop there, your new line of business is to keep the Warden from finding out about the drink packages you are smuggling through the prison, whilst trying to create ways to conspire against them with coolest person on the block, Inmate Cassidy.

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The Guards are Crooked

Our guards on site sign you in, hand your team their jumpsuits then help your whole group smuggle in their contraband. Yes, that’s right. The guards are crooked and just as ready to party as you!

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Just watch out for the Warden

The only person in your way is the warden, who is sniffing around the prison ready to catch anyone breaking rules on contraband. So whether you’re the boss or a valuable member of the team, Alcotraz is the perfect venue for a company full of fun loving criminals who like a cocktail with their team building activities in Manchester.

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About Our Immersive Team Building Manchester Events

Inspired by Hollywood Film and TV that have brought to life popular prison stories, Alcotraz in Manchester is a theatrical immersive experience of the highest kind, perfectly suited to teams that like to use their ideas and creativity to enhance the story and have great fun along the way. Alcotraz venues are more than just themed cocktail bars, they combine the very best of immersive theatre with a world-class cocktail experience and offer you a team building in Manchester that’s perfect for large group sizes and corporate events.

Featuring high spirits and plenty of hooch to go around the cell blocks, Alcotraz lets your company discover their prison alter-ego and challenges them to smuggle their alcohol past the Warden and into the hands of the cocktail making convicts in the kitchen. Be as creative as you can with your attempts to smuggle-in liquor.

What to Expect

Whilst your accomplices might expect more regular corporate events, organising a stint in our Manchester Alcotraz in the name of team building skills gives guests the chance to explore collaborating with work colleagues, complete challenges and get competitive while building a reputation as a hustler behind bars. Throughout the evening at Alcotraz you and your friends will be interacted with by our amazing performers helping you get the party started and catering the entire event to team building and aiding in the bootlegging business around you.

Whether you want to spend your sentence scheming against the Warden, or simply enjoy a cocktail in the clink. Alcotraz Manchester offers the perfect packages for you and your teammates with missions and personalised plot lines that completely incorporate you into the story.

So get ready to step-back in time inside an American prison and grab your colleagues for a work party you will be talking about for the rest of your 25 to life.

Looking for a private hire events in Manchester Alcotraz ?

So if you’re looking for a private hire for you and your colleagues with the whole prison to yourselves, pre-arranged liquor and prison pizza rations, then you can find more information on booking private hire events below. For groups over 30 privately hiring the venue is the only way to get behind bars and unlocks exclusive benefits. If you wish to discuss private hire, please contact us.

Private Hire Options
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(Video) Pawn Stars Chumlee Sentenced To Life In Prison After This

Manchester City Centre Location

Our Alcotraz Manchester venue can be found in the heart of the city on Great Northern Square, a short walk from popular train stations such as Deansgate and Oxford Road. With a huge array of local bars, team building ideas and games all in within our catchment. Check out our location here

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The Best Time To Book Team Building Manchester at Alcotraz

Whether coming in a small team or large groups, time behind bars Alcotraz Penitentiary promises to be the perfect activity for your Manchester team and tour team building day. Though there is no better time than the present to think about your crimes and rehabilitate in our team building events, Christmas parties are always a riot on the block! Festive felons looking to swap outdoor events with serving Christmas time and drinking Christmas spirits!

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Non Traditional Team building ideas Manchester

When it comes to team building in Manchester there’s a fun activity round every corner in the big city full of culture both outdoor and indoor. Whilst all are worth visiting, it’s time to do away with conventional team building ideas in favour of the ultimate indoor experience and the most exciting team building event you’ll compete in with your work force.

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Where Does Team Building Come Into The Story?

The Warden of Alcotraz is trying to kill your teamwork buzz and make you serve hard time. Luckily for you, Inmate Cassidy loves doing business with Greater Manchester felons while running a world class drinks smuggling operation right under the Warden’s watchful eye. If you and your colleagues manage to earn points with Cassidy then the whole cell block could become your new office!

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One Of The Best Team Building Activities or Team Night Out That Manchester Can offer

Expect to compete in challenges and games that could see you and your crime syndicate running the block over the course of the night. Don’t worry, no great idea goes unrewarded. Cassidy has you covered when it comes to a little something extra for your efforts and you’ll be in an exclusive prison club, being the most popular team of hustlers and smugglers.

(Video) Inside Prison | Britain Behind Bars Season 1 Episode 4 UK Jail HMP
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What Happens To Your Smuggled In Liquor?

By the time you get to your cell, your liquor is successfully smuggled in! Well done inmate. You have just scored your own private bar behind bars. Soon after, a professional mixologist will come to collect what you have and begin making you delicious cocktails! with each one perfectly catered to your tastes. Bring as much alcohol as you like! We’ll give all left over liquor back to you when you’ve served your time.

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Corporate Team Building and Team Building activities in Greater Manchester For Absolutely Everyone

With a visit to the Wardens office, A mug shot with your group against the height chart and cell-fies on the prison phone. There is something for the colleague that likes to capture the memories or take part in the game and dedicate the event to going head to head with the Warden, in the race to be the best Manchester smuggler on the block.

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For the more innocent Inmates

If spirits aren’t your go to, we welcome guests that would prefer to bring beer, or any other booze the folks in your company wants to smuggle in. Not a big drinker? That’s fine too. Our serving mixologists on site are more than happy to make mocktails, or serve you non alcoholic beers that you’ve brought into prison. No inmate goes without.

Our Nationwide Immersive Team Building Activities

Did you know Alcotraz hosts team building events all over the UK? Team Building Manchester is not the right city for your event, please check out one of our other locations below. With two locations in the north west, perhaps our Liverpool venue will be better suited to your team building activities? If you wish to discuss private hire at any of our venues, please contact us to speak to our event management team.

Our Locations

Manchester Cell block three-four

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  • Hen Dos
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