21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (2024)

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (1)

In today’s day and age, everything is attached to computers and the softwares that we use in our day-to-day lives, these are designed by talented software designers and software development companies. There is software available that services the need of each existing industry on the planet.

This softwares not only help accelerate the speed at which a business moves but also streamlines the different processes and bridges better communication between B2B and B2C. Softwares like Salesforce, Transport Pro, Buffer, and Hootsuite make it easy for people working the in fields of CRM, transportation, Social media mgmt. And SEO analysts do their job better.

Automation is an inevitable phenomenon, these software developers capitalize on that and provide the industry the next best software innovation. Without them giants like Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and Swiggy would not be possible, their work infrastructure pretty much is reliant on the existence of these solutions.

India is a rising example of a country that is both experiencing a big change due to these automation tools as well as developing them simultaneously. All companies are making a hard switch towards the digital landscape as the possibilities are both interesting as well as endless.

Here is a list dedicated to some of the biggest software development companies in India. This list is in a particular order of importance (ascending or descending).

All the companies on the list are achievers in one area or the other regardless of their financial standing or age.

With that here’s our list of best Software Development Companies in India, hope you like it.

FATbit Technologies

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (2)

FATbit Technologies caters to the various software needs of diverse global audiences. With its wide range of eCommerce marketplace products, it assists prospects in establishing a successful eCommerce business. Its web and mobile app programmers develop cutting-edge software solutions that help businesses align with their goals. Along with eCommerce, web, and mobile software development, FATbit also provides digital marketing, branding, and ORM services. Its IT consultants help businesses in analyzing the value proposition and business model of competitors.

FATbit was established in 2004 and was able to earn its name by hiring the right talent that contributes well-collaborative efforts. Its team members have the capacity and potential to provide a business with robust and scalable software applications that stand out. Its quality work and celebrated range of eCommerce marketplace products have also been featured in highly reputed business magazines around the world like Inc., Business Insider, Forbes, etc.

Vofox Solutions

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (3)

Vofox Solutions is a leading software and web application development company that delivers high-quality, scalable, and cost-effective web solutions and offshore software development services to a global clientele since 2005. Vofox team is very proficient in using a wide range of technology including ASP.Net / MVC, WPF / MVVM, Windows Azure, Aurelia JS, Angular JS, React Native, Vue.JS, Ember JS, React.JS, Xamarin, and a lot of other advanced technologies to deliver the best-in-class solutions to their clients providing best ROI to them in time.

They specialize in Software outsourcing services, QA/Testing services, IT consulting, Frontend development, Software & Web development, Mobile app development, E-commerce website development, Content management, and several other services to make every business successful. Vofox team provides software outsourcing services to a plethora of clients spread across the globe and has gained a high reputation in the offshore software development industry.

Net solutions

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (4)

Net solutions is a US-based software developer and digital consultancy firm. They assist businesses’ growth (big and small) through seamless integration of the digital element into their business practices and revenue model. Their clients are some of the biggest companies such as Microsoft, Xerox, Flipkart, HDFC, etc. Seeing a golden opportunity in India as a digital giant of the future (with nearly 500 million digital users; half of the population).

No drop-in standards were experienced by the company as they entered India as they provide the same professional and brilliant software and business consultancy solutions.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (5)

Founded in 2000, Chetu is a global, award-winning provider of software development solutions and support services for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 5000 companies. Recognized globally for its industry expertise and incredible growth, Chetu employs nearly 1,800 software experts and maintains 14 office locations throughout the US, Europe, and Asia, with two of its main software development delivery center’s located in Sector 63, Noida.

As a key employer in the Noida region, Chetu is heavily invested in the success of the local talent pool and maintains a complimentary Skill Development Center where freshers can enroll, enhance their technical skills, and even seek employment with the company. To date, Chetu has brought on 200+ employees through this program. Aside from addressing unemployment, Chetu – through the work of the Chetu Foundation – also delves into numerous philanthropic efforts to help the local community with an emphasis on promoting education and childhood well-being.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (6)

Sourcebits is a software developer with the eyes on the prize as they have a strong focus on chatbots; the digital media trend which will dominate the next decade. Chatbots are a primary focus of companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Amazon, etc. Sourcebits has opened an office in Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India.

There they work on software assisted business solutions with startup like speed and the stability of an enterprise. Many of their employees have given positive reviews to the firm which say that the learning curve and the minds working there are the two reasons that make it a suitable work environment. While your work-life balance might be a little off.

Clavis Technologies

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (7)

Clavis Technologies is a more traditional software developer who design personalised software solutions to clients from the bottom to the top. They create personalised software solutions to fit the needs and desires of any particular type of business. Some of their key areas of focus involve software product engineering, Mobile apps, CMS & E-commerce, Cloud solutions and cybersecurity. The software development firm also works with emerging trends in the areas of software development.

This is mixture of traditional and the emerging makes them the right pick for startups looking into an innovation.

Tech Mahindra

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (8)

One of the oldest and most respectable software development and business consultancy solutions firm in India. A subsidiary of the awesome Mahindra & Mahindra group of companies who are leaders in many segments of many markets.

The software company’s headquarters are located in Pune. They specialise in IT solutions, networking tech solutions, BPO and has had years in both the private sector as well as developing solutions for the Indian govt.

Tech Mahindra holds the title of #1 in the Forbes Digital 100. Which is a lot to say about this 32 years old innovations think tank with some of the best avg. pay scales in the industry.

HCL technologies

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (9)

A subsidiary to the IT giant HCL, HCL tech separated itself as a different departmental entity in the year 1991 (27 years ago). This experienced software development company worked in the areas of research and development of technological and software solutions for its parent company. Now, it is an independent entity that dabbles in the software services sector. It is amongst one of the biggest software development companies in the world.

The specialise in all areas cybersecurity, automation, IoT, cloud and digital analytics. The 8 billion USD firm operations in over 140 nations across the globe with a list of clients such as Adobe, TeraData, Oracle, Microsoft and much more.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (10)

An IT company with over 19,000 employment and a annual revenue income of $ 846 mil, mindtree was started in 1999 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. They too are into technological and business consultancy services and design proprietary software solutions for companies or business that approach them. However, they aren’t simply limited to digital sphere only, are also into Engineering R&D and Operations as well.

With experience of working in industries of banking, education, insurance, media & entertainment and much more. They are amongst the best India based software developers on this list.

Galaxy Weblinks

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (11)

Galaxy weblinks is a US based software designing company with a focus on web design and development software. They specialise in custom web design solution, develop UX and UI. Their services also involve enterprise solution, backend integration, CMS, SaaS, CRM, E-commerce, API development, etc in areas of technical expertise they are second to none with a large portfolio of customer and have received praise for their healthy learning work environment from ex-employees.

This is a company working in the realms of contemporary digital trends which can help a business better advertise and grow in the coming years. Add to all that they also help a business build its digital presence via usage of SEM, SCO, email marketing, social media marketing and much more.

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21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (12)

Dotsquares is originally based out from Brighton, East Sussex, however, they saw an opportunity is the inflating market for IT in India and opened one of their branches here. They much like many other companies on this list have a strong focus on web based solutions and consultation. Dotsquare’s key areas of work include web development, mobile app development, digital marketing, enterprise solutions, etc. Their mission in the develop world class enterprise solutions, mobile software, etc and design cost effective solutions.

Using a model which involves onsite management and offshore development.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (13)

Hexawave is amongst one of the fastest growing global software design company. They pride themselves in their ability to design IT solutions, their talented catalogue of consultants. They have an inclination towards future trends such as automation.

Automation is at the focus of it all, the company seeks to design solutions that replace human error. To boost a business towards maximum efficiency at all levels of function.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (14)

TechHover Infotech is an award winning software designing company. They put software, web design, mobile app development, graphic design and other content experience design under one roof. At the best value for your buck, as much as possible. This Mumbai based tech company has made quite a name for themselves for their good work in their field of IT and software design.

They bring an interesting fresh breath of air as they are not only technical in their approach but also creative. Their approach to digital marketing your brand is holistic. This is what makes them so good at what they do.

Sunflower Lab

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (15)

The Sunflower Lab is US based software designing firm with their foot firmly set in India. Designing custom software and a focus on IOT (internet of things). They devise creative solutions to your problems. In their own words they use agile custom software to solve business problems with innovative idea and proven development practices. For all digital platforms mobile or computer.

While it might not be as big and famous as some of the entries on this list, they hold their own ground and do a terrific job at what they do.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (16)

You might find the name of this particular company on many best software companies in India list, it is justifiably so. Epsilon is an Irving, Texas based software development company that has its offices in Hyderabad and Bengaluru in India. With a portfolio of clients like Adobe, Sitecore and Oracle. They are quite well regarded by the software design community.

Epsilon claim to be trusted partners with 15 of the 20 biggest global brands and create customer software solutions. And long lasting relationships. They are the market leaders in many segments of software design and implementation.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (17)

This is a slightly more different addition to our list of category. IndiaNIC is a game software development company. They work on both computers as well as mobile platforms to develop their software. One of the market leaders in the segment in the country. They have experience, talent and the drive to make things better. The firm was established as back as 1997 and since then they’ve dominated the gaming dev market of India. They also develop other software solutions and are not limited to game design. Custom software, website design, UI, UX, etc is a part of their areas of work.

Their list of clients is large in size and has included the likes of Adidas, Vodafone, Pepsi, Tata, Mcdonalds, etc. However, the major platform of development remains to be mobile. They developed countless games and mobile apps for many high profile clients over the years.

Experion Technologies

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (18)

First thing about Experion is their confidence on their 12 years+ experience in software development and IT consultancy. They want to develop enterprise software, product engineering and digital transformation solutions. All of those help you scale and develop your business whatever market it may belong to.

The idea of automation software is very much to bring all aspects of management of a business under one roof. Experion can do that for you. With their foot strongly planted into fields of transportation, healthcare, retail and finance, they have managed to elevate themselves over the last few years.

The software design company has also received accolades from their ex-employees and other critics. The company is currently working over 8 countries and has 450+ employees working under them. Which is no small feat for an independent software developer.

Daffodil Software

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (19)

Daffodil is a software product engineering and team augmentation company whose area of work spans over 80 countries across the globe. They are design oriented in their approach to software and understand the need to excel in a competitive market.

Through their good work they give their customers just that. They design custom web and mobile solutions that user centric, innovative, insightful and excellent in its development. Some of their clients who they helped elevate in the Indian market are Lenskart, Docutools, Avento and much more.

These are some of the more recent and up and coming digital brands which became famous after the intervention of this software company.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (20)

Applify (as they’re name would hint) is a software developer with the prime focus on mobile software, app development and other mobile based solutions. They are amongst the leading mobile developers in the world.

They have won multiple awards for their work in designing software for mobiles. Applify have 5 offices across the world with 200 customers and a customer satisfaction rating of 94%. Add to this, they have a very good reputation from their ex-employees and other reviewers of their work.

A company which is rooted and birthed out of the digital revolution. They seem to have grown exponentially over the last few years with customers like Buzzfeed, Appfutura, Inc. and many others.

Cybermax solutions

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (21)

Professional and cost effective software development – the two mantra’s that this software development company has lived by. They are a more traditional software development company. CS works towards web software development, application integration and custom software development in their key areas of work.

CS have grown up to be a very influential software development company and their name can be seen plastered across many such lists of best software development companies.

For CS the size or reputation is not a primary concern. They have experience in working for companies ranging from small startups to large enterprises. Elevating both types to higher standards.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (22)

Mobiloitte is a premium full service web and mobile software development company with a special focus on developing tailor made software. They develop high performance Bot solutions to help scale online business and help increase customer interactions. They look to potential future proof digital trends like Bots, IoT, artificial intelligence to integrate into their work and in into the business solutions that they provide to their customers.

If you check their website you will find many service areas that they are more than capable of tackling under the umbrella of software development. Also a large no of high profile companies that they have services. Their work ethic and talent is nothing to less of extraordinary.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (23)

You must have heard the name of their software developer somewhere or the other. Infosys is not only one of the biggest software developers in India but also across the globe.

They are well known and regarded for their work and expertise, creating new software solutions via their exception R&D. Infosys has handled several govt. contracts and developed software solutions and guidelines that the govt. of India still follows. They have some of the biggest minds working behind the desk.

Along with some of the highest pay scales in all of the industry and pull an annual revenue of 109 Bil USD over the globe. Their headquarters are located in Bengaluru, Karnataka.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (24)

A subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate Tata Industries. TCS (Tata consultancy services) is a name synonymous with India IT and software development companies all across the world. They are well regarded and greatly respected. They are being held up as a benchmark for this kind of work. Each year many students passing out of top engineering colleges are employed by this firm.

They are paying some of the highest salaries and getting some of the biggest govt. contracts in the country, Much like Infosys, they too are amongst the top five software developers in the country and the world, pulling an annual revenue of 109 Bil USD from around the globe.

If you guessed that their headquarters were in Bengaluru, you’d be correct.


21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (25)

A company that saw its humble beginnings in the year 1945 in a small town Maharashtra they have come quite far. Initially, Wipro was known for their vegetable business and as they grew. They further expanded into multiple other ventures with great success in each.

By not, most people in India are aware of the name ‘Wipro’ through one thing or the other made by Wipro. You may have encountered them. The name itself has several subsidiaries under it from Yardley, Appirio, Wipro Insurance, Cyprus, etc and many more.

They are amongst the top 5 software developers across all of India. Much like their primary competitors TCS and Infosys, they too have handled some of the biggest private and govt. contracts in the country. They also have a very strong presence overseas, servicing the needs in many countries.

There it is, our list of the top 21 software development companies in India. Each of of these companies is a leader in their own right as they work on different areas. Different scales and excel at what they do.

If you pick out any one of these companies from the list and read about their portfolio, you will come to realise that they have been behind the success of countless well known brands.

They have developed intuitive and innovative software for each of them. This list was in no particular order of importance and hope it helps.

21 Best Software Development Companies in India (2022) (2024)


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