How Do I Get Startup Business Loans With Bad Credit 2022 (2024)

Business plays a great rule in our society and culture. The dreamers get the scope and place to turn their dream into a reality. To start the business properly need investment and you may have probably heard that to make money, you have to spend money.

To grow the business, you have the ability to invest in the expense of growth (for advertising, equipment, and property). But the problem is that handle all the expenses to run your business can be a challenging or tough task. In this case, you can solve the problem by getting a loan that will help you to finance your business.

However, getting a first-time business loan or startup loan is not an easy process as maximum lenders have a standard credit requirement, where you have to maintain a good or better credit score. This credit score gives the numerical value for the creditworthiness of a person and their business.

The higher the credit score, the better the chance to approve the loan. On the other hand, a poor credit score will harm the chance to get a business loan. Even you may not able to find an unsecured loan for this poor or bad credit.

But don’t worry, if you have no higher score rather you are dealing with bad credit, you still have an opportunity to get startup business loans with bad credit. In this article, we will explain how to get startup business loans with bad credit with some options of the best startup loans program.

Table Of Contents

  1. How Can I Get Startup Business Loans With Bad Credit?
  2. The 5 Best Startup Business Loan Lenders With Bad Credit
    • 1) Lendio
    • 2) OnDeck
    • 3) BlueVine
    • 4) Accion
    • 5) PayPal Working Capital
  3. Startup Business Loan With No Credit Check
  4. Small Business Loans For a Woman (Microloans)
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    • Can I get approved for a business loan with bad credit?
    • What loans can I get with a 500 credit score?
    • What credit score is needed for an SBA loan?
    • Which loan company is best for bad credit?
    • Do business loans look at personal credit?
  6. Conclusion

How Can I Get Startup Business Loans With Bad Credit?

Credit scores are most important for borrowing. Having the good or right score provides secure funding, while the wrong score gives the frustration even it can be an uphill battle to get a small business loan at least.

Therefore, before applying for the business loan, first, identify your credit score and make sure which category you belong to. The different FICO credit score ranges are as follows:

  • 800 score to 850 scores is exceptional.
  • 740 score to 799 scores is a very good score.
  • 670 score to 739 scores is a good score.
  • 580 score to 669 scores is a fair score.
  • 300 score to 579 scores is a poor score (Bad credit)

This score is making by different characteristics. Like, character, capital, capacity, conditions, and collateral. However, now you may realize, you are dealing with bad credit. Bad credit can’t stop you from needing a fund to start or grow your business.

With bad credit or a lower credit score, you still have the options for funding or getting a loan that your starts up business succeed. You can get startup business loans with bad credit in these ways:

  • Fulfill the essential business loan requirements.
  • Provide a solid business plan.
  • Must have great cash flow background or estimated cash flow.
  • Prove financial stability that you have an ability to pay the loans.
  • Try to increase your credit score.

Also, compare the requirements of different lenders to check how to qualify for the type of loan you need. Definitely, you will get the scope and will be able to get startup business loans with bad credit and no collateral, or can get financing with no credit check.

The 5 Best Startup Business Loan Lenders With Bad Credit

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With poor credit, your chances of getting a loan or convincing someone to approve your loan are quite difficult. But there are many alternative lenders online who might be willing to work with you in this situation where you are dealing with bad credit.

They are much flexible than traditional lenders. Getting start up loans or small business loans from online lenders has become the first choice for many businesses currently. However, the best lenders are as follows:

1) Lendio

If you are failed to get a loan from a traditional bank or credit union, you can try with Lendio. It gives you a great place to start your business to make finance.

They receive information from your application to pair you with one of its seventy-five plus lenders that help to approve small business loans for you. Lendio allows you to choose the loan options that will fit you. If you have bad credit then do not worry, Lendio works with the individual or business owner who has at least a 550 credit score.

Lendio provides lots of loan options and you can get quick approval for the loan. For secure business funding, your business must be aged at least 6 months and revenue per month at least $10,000.

2) OnDeck

If you need to startup a business loan but worried about bad credit, go with OnDeck because they work with 500 credit scores. Hence, the business owner without a perfect credit score can get the business loan they need.

But in this case, they will apply a higher interest rate on your loan as they don’t want to take the risk. If you take another loan from OnDeck, they will help you to build your credit score and allows discounted fees.

The good news is that OnDeck can help you to build your business credit, and it offers discounts on fees when you get another loan through them. As their credit improves, therefore the owner of a business can save and get better interest rates.

If your business period is 1 or more years and the annual revenue is $100,000 or more, then checkout OnDeck. You will get multiple loan options.

3) BlueVine

BlueVine has established by focusing on two categories of financing; one is lines of credit and the other one is invoice factoring.

  • Lines of credit: The lines of credit are similar to a credit card; you have to pay interest only on which funds you will choose to use. It works well for you if you are not sure about your funding needs and its revolving lines of credit. Also, BlueVine does not apply a penalty to the business owners if they paying the line of credit early.
  • Invoice factoring: It performs for the businesses only who have excellent invoices and likely to wait for the payment from other sources of business. It helps you to finance cash flow without waiting for the payment from other businesses. BluVine allows you to choose the invoice for funding. BluVine is a good option if you are a business owner with poor credit. Here you can get the loan by using your customer creditworthiness. BlueVine needs borrowers with a personal credit score above 530 scores for invoice factoring and above 600 scores for lines of credit. But with BluVine you can’t get a long term contract, you have to pay back the loan or interest as soon as possible. If any default on the loan payment, they will contact the companies on whose invoice you use and want their money back.

4) Accion

Accion allows business owners or businesses with no previous credit score for smaller loans. This is great and you can boost your credit score in this way.

They may ask you to share your credit story, so don’t worry they are very supportive. If you don’t qualify they will help you get in a position to reapply and you can do this within three to six months.

Their minimum credit score requirement is 575 (550 in some states) and needs sufficient cash flow to pay the loan. But before applying know their stat up requirements. Like Accion will want to see, you are receiving income from an outside source for providing two recent stubs from an outside source.

They also need a partner referral, $500 in past-due debt, and a solid business plan with 12 months cash flow prediction. If all set, they will work with you even if you have a business less than a year.

5) PayPal Working Capital

PayPal working capital is the most convenient marketing tool that offers you affordable services. If you use PayPal to make sales then this financing will be worth considering. It gives you one affordable fixed fee and it does not need a credit check for a business loan.

It is the easiest way to qualify with bad credit.You will qualify if you have a PayPal Premier or Business account for at least 3+ months, at least $20,000 in annual PayPal sales with the premier plan or annual PayPal sales is at least $15,000 with a business plan and no due on a prior PayPal Working Capital loan.

Based on your annual PayPal sales, they will give you a loan up to 35% but not more than $125,000 on the first two loans and after completing the two loans, they raised the loan limits to $200,000.

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Startup Business Loan With No Credit Check

Getting small business startup loans with no credit check requirements can be tough because most business lenders require a credit check. A very few lenders are willing to work for a startup with 3 months of business.

For this reason, the starts up business loans with no credit checks are normally unavailable. But don’t worry still there are plenty of options available here:

  • Fundbox
  • PayPal Working Capital
  • American Express Business Loans
  • Microloans
  • Crowdfunding
  • Small Business Grants
  • Friends and Family
  • Business Credit Cards

Small Business Loans For a Woman (Microloans)

Microloans are generally specialized business loans that are available through nonprofit. If you are coming from a disadvantaged background and if you are a minority small business owner, you might be eligible for a microloan.

In this option, you do not require to test your creditworthiness. So if your credit history is not good, they can’t stop you to back from securing a microloan. Microlenders offer an affordable way for women owners to secure competitive rates on loans.

In this way, they can find their business up and running. Microlenders want to help traditionally minority groups and provide qualified small businesses with startup funding, as well as educating, mentoring, and training new business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get approved for a business loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can get approved for a business loan with bad credit. With poor credit, you may able to find small business loans. Just go to the lenders and compare their requirements as each lender has different credit requirements. Some online lenders approved business loans quickly.

What loans can I get with a 500 credit score?

The higher the credit score, the higher the chance of getting preferable loans that means with poor or bad credit the chance of getting a loan can be lower. But still has the opportunity to get loans with a 500 credit score.

Check out the OnDeck (Alternative lender online), they provide a business loan with a 500 credit score. But they have some standard requirements; you have to meet those requirements.

What credit score is needed for an SBA loan?

For SBA loan, credit score depends on which lender you choose to work and which SBA loan program you need to apply. Normally, they need a minimum score somewhere around 620 to 640 or above.

Which loan company is best for bad credit?

In the case of startup business loans, the best lenders are Lendio, Ondeck, BluVine, Accion, and PayPal working capital. And in case, of personal or other purposes these 6 are best for bad credit.

  1. OneMain Financial
  2. NetCredit
  3. Avant
  5. PeerForm

Do business loans look at personal credit?

Most lenders look for personal credit for a business loan. Some lenders grant the business loan by looking at the personal credit history if you are a new business owner. If you have no business credit score, then the lender will check your personal credit for the record of creditworthiness.


With bad credit, you may be able to get start up business loans but it does not a good sense. There is no doubt, a good credit history will help you to get the chance for better business financing and provide secure loans & credit cards at a low cost. Therefore, you should build better business credit for the future.

How Do I Get Startup Business Loans With Bad Credit 2022 (2024)
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