CBSE 12th Business Studies Board Exam 2021 (Term 1): Important MCQ From Term 1 CBSE Sample Paper, Syllabus & More! (2022)

CBSE 12th Business Studies (Term 1) is scheduled for 8th December from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM. Check important resources for the preparation of the upcoming Term 1 CBSE Class 12 board exam 2021-22.

CBSE 12th Business Studies (Term 1) is scheduled for 8th December from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM. Important MCQ from Term 1 CBSE Sample Paper, CBSE Syllabus & important links to access other articles are also available here. All these resources are important for the preparation & revision of the upcoming CBSE Term 1 Class 12 Business Studies board exam 2021-22.

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Important MCQs for Term 1 CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Board Exam 2021-22

Question: “What distinguishes a successful manager from a less successful one is the ability to

put the principles into practice.” Which aspect of the nature of management is

highlighted in the above statement?

a) Management as a science

b) Management as an art

c) Management as a profession

d) Management is an intangible force.

Answer: (b)

Question: ____________ provides a rational approach for setting objectives and developing

appropriate courses of action for achieving predetermined objectives.

(a) Directing

(b) Staffing

(c) Planning

(d) Controlling

Answer: (c)

Question: Marketing mix is the set of _____________________ that the firm uses to pursue its

marketing objectives in the target market.

(a) Production tools

(b) Promotional tools

(c) Marketing tools

(d) Selling tools

Answer: (c)

Question: Which level of management is responsible for the welfare and survival of the


(a) Top level of management

(b) Middle level of management

(c) Supervisory level

(d) Both (b) and (c)

Answer: (a)

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Question: Name the principle of management given by Fayol which when applied would mean

that the workers and management both honour their commitments without any

prejudice towards one another.

(a) Discipline

(b) Mental Revolution

(c) Remuneration of employees

(d) Scalar chain

Answer: (a)

Question: A brand or part of the brand that is given legal protection is called _____________

(a) Brand Mark

(b) Trademark

(c) Brand

(d) Brand name

Answer: (b)

Question: Identify the dimension of the characteristic of management- “it is multidimensional”,

which specifies that the task of management is to make the strengths of human

resources effective and their weaknesses irrelevant towards achieving the

organisation's objectives.

(a) Management of work

(b) Management of people

(c) Management of operations

(d) Management of goals


Question: ___________________ involves a variety of programmes designed to promote and

protect a company’s image and its individual products in the eyes of the public.

(a) Advertising

(b) Personal selling

(c) Publicity

(d) Public relations

Answer: (d)

Question: Which type of organisational structure will you suggest for a firm which has

diversified activities and operations requiring a high degree of specialisation ?

(a) Centralised structure

(b) Decentralised Structure

(c) Divisional structure

(d) Functional structure

Answer: (d)

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Question: “Changes or events cannot be eliminated but they can be anticipated and managerial

responses to them can be developed.” is suggested by the following importance of


(a) Planning facilitates decision making

(b) Planning promotes innovative ideas

(c) Planning provides direction

(d) Planning reduces the risks of uncertainty.

Question: “Grouping similar nature jobs into larger units called departments” is the step in the

process of one of the functions of management. Identify the function of management.

(a) Planning

(b) Organising

(c) Directing

(d) Staffing

Answer: (b)

Question: The Statement “Planning is a primary function”, suggests that……

(a) Planning precedes other functions

(b) Planning requires logical and systematic thinking

(c) Plan is framed, it is implemented, and is followed by another plan, and so on

(d) Planning is required at all levels of management as well as in all departments of

the organisation.

Question: A major decision area under one of the functions of marketing is the decision

regarding marketing intermediaries to be used. Name the function.

(a) Physical Distribution

(b) Gathering and analysing market information

(c) Promotion


Answer: (a)

Question: “The nature of the relationship of our country with foreign countries”, is a major

element of which of the following components of the Business Environment?

(a) Social Environment

(b) Legal Environment

(c) Political Environment

(d) Economic Environment

Answer: (c)

Question: Which of the following statements is incorrect?

(a) Marketing is a social process

(b) Focus of the marketing activities is on customer needs

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(c) Marketing is merely a post production activity.

(d) Marketing mix is a wider term than product mix.

Answer: (c)

Question: Planning is closely connected with _____________ and ________________

(a) Responsibility and accountability

(b) Delegation and decentralization

(c) Stability and security

(d) Creativity and innovation

Answer: (d)

Question: _______________ is an important function of marketing which is important not only

for protection of the product but also serves as a promotional tool.

(a) Grading

(b) Labeling

(c) Packaging

(d) Branding

Answer: (c)

Question: As part of regulations to be followed by advertisers, the advertisement for a new

brand of baby food for infants provides important information for potential buyers

that it is “Not recommended for infants under the age of four months”. Which

dimension of the business environment is highlighted in the above statement?

(a) Social Environment

(b) Legal Environment

(c) Political Environment

(d) Economic Environment

Answer: (b)

Question: The principle of management given by Fayol which aims at preventing overlapping

of activities is:

(a) Division of work

(b) Unity of Command

(c) Unity of Direction

(d) Order

Answer: (c)

Question: ___________________ensures that the subordinate performs tasks on behalf of the

manager thereby reducing his workload and providing him with more time to

concentrate on important matters.

(a) Decentralization

(b) Delegation of authority

(Video) Class 12 Business Studies | Term 1 CBSE Sample paper with solutions | Business Studies MCQ

(c) Authority

(d) Accountability

Answer: (b)

Question: ____________ is a process of classification of products into different groups on the

basis of some important characteristics such as quality, size, etc.

(a) Standardization

(b) Grading

(c) Product Development

(d) Selling

Answer: (b)

Question: The sum total of all individuals, institutions and other forces that are outside the

control of a business enterprise but that may affect its performance is known


(a) Business environment

(b) Social environment

(c) Political environment

(d) Economic environment.

Answer: (a)

Question: Name the concept that refers to the number of subordinates that can be effectively

managed by a superior and determines the number of levels of management in the


(a) Organisation structure

(b) Span of management

(c) Hierarchy of authority

(d) Delegation of Authority

Answer: (b)

Question: Taylor believed that there was only one best method to maximise efficiency. This

methods can be developed through study and analysis. Identify the principle of

Scientific management being discussed above:

a) Harmony not discord

b) Science not rule of thumb

c) Development of each and every person to his or her greatest efficiency and


d) Cooperation not individualism

Answer: (b)

For rest of the questions and answers, download PDF of the sample paper and marking scheme from the links given below

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